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Milk frother, Hommak HM633A


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Milk frother, Hommak HM633A

CONVENIENT AND SAFE OPERATION: All programs are controlled by a simple touch button. The LED indicator light will show the corresponding colors in different operating modes. Integrated high-quality Strix temperature controller. The appliance has an automatic shut-off function and anti-boil protection, so 100% safety is guaranteed.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL MILK FOAM: The milk whisk is used to turn cold or hot milk into smooth and rich milk foam, perfect for Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Macchiato and others. The milk heating function is used to heat milk or some beverages such as cocoa and soy milk.
NON-ADHESIVE INTERIOR, CONVENIENT CLEANING: The inside of the device is coated with a non-stick material approved by the FDA and is odorless. Wash the inside lightly with water or wipe with a damp cloth. Note: The milk frother must be rinsed immediately after each use, otherwise milk residues may burn out the next time they are used
QUIET OPERATION: The magnetic whisk ensures that it is extremely easy to prepare for use. The magnetic rotor emits less noise (less than 65 dB) than the mechanical rotor. No need to worry about disturbing your family with the milk frother HOMMAK, just enjoy a delicious coffee in the morning.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Simplified and ergonomic appliance design, easy to hold, modern, stylish, easy to adapt to your kitchen.

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