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Oral Irrigator Saneo BD2021C, 5 tips


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Oral Irrigator Saneo BD2021C, 5 tips

Compatible, lightweight and ergonomic, the mouth irrigator helps you to effectively take care of your oral hygiene and protect your teeth and gums from bad breath, tooth decay or even periodontal disease. While the toothbrush remains an indispensable tool, it cannot reach all parts of the mouth. With an oral irrigator, this is particularly easy to do, as the water stream is targeted to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The mouth irrigator not only cleans your teeth, but also strengthens your gums by massaging them and improving blood circulation.
This compact and waterproof mouth irrigator can also be used by children aged 8 years and above, after appropriate training. The mouth irrigator is extremely easy to use, as all you need to do is fill the water tank (160 ml) with the desired warm water and select the appropriate cleaning mode, which can be mild, moderate or strong.
The set includes 5 interchangeable handpieces adapted to your different needs: 2 for regular cleaning and gum strengthening, one orthodontic handpiece for hard-to-reach areas, one periodontal handpiece, and one for nasal cleaning.
The mouth irrigator is rechargeable by cable. The battery lasts up to 6 hours of continuous use on a full charge and recharges in 90 minutes. This device provides professional care for your teeth and gums right at home!

  • 3 cleaning modes: mild , medium and strong.
  • Convenient to use both at home and on the go. Just 90 minutes of charging is enough for 6 hours of use.
  • 160 ml water capacity.
  • 5 handpieces: 2 x classical handpieces, 1x orthodontic handpiece 1x periodontal handpiece, 1x nasal cleaning back. All nozzles rotate 360 °
Weight 0,63 kg
Dimensions 24,5 × 10,7 × 7,3 cm


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