Universal car holder for car, Mpow CA162A, black


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Universal car holder for car, Mpow CA162A, black

The Mpow car holder sucks on the desired surface extremely strongly and stably. The suction cup is coated with an adhesive gel that prevents the formation of air gaps. This way, the car phone holder stays in place even when driving on uneven roads. If the gel loses its adhesion, simply rinse it with water and allow to dry again to adhere stably.

Thanks to the thoughtful design, the phone holder does not limit road visibility. The extended holder design allows the phone to be conveniently held at dashboard level. The extended holder adjusts at an angle of 140 degrees and its lower part is covered with a cushioning material to prevent damage to your car.

The holder is suitable for most phones. Fits phones with 4.0-6.9 inch screens.

The quick release button allows you to install or remove the phone with one hand. The Mpow car phone holder has 2 release buttons for easy left or right hand operation.

Weight 0,233 kg
Dimensions 12,2 × 11 × 7,8 cm


Warranty, months



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